Like a Bottle of Pain

Mercury Power, make up!

L I V I  N G 


The Red Army (series)

Kory Minx

Leo Quijano II

my baby look so cute <3<3 <3  I mean sexy <3 <3 <3 


The REAL Toy Story | Michael Wolf

Behind those toys are a whole new world of “fun”.

I am here to unplug

SHE 2014
SHE 2014

SHE 2014

She Continues…

It’s sunday January 27th 2014

Another week of the new year has gone by (bye)

As I focus on what’s ahead, a part of me stills lingers on once had.

The family I once looked up to, a hand of a man I always held, new voids that have yet to be filled.

I have always had a hard time letting go, but this time I feel it’s the memories that won’t leave me a lone.

As each day goes by with every sweat I shed from hard work and dedication to her, I still feel this loneliness…

I try to breathe for me and rest for my own but all it does is welcomes the enemy that I try so badly to throw away


Have a I gone rogue? Have I gone solo? or am I really lost in this world of wonder…

Ask for help they alway say but my hand always feels the cold wind where someone’s hand should rest.  

Do you remember what it was like to be alone?

Is this where I should throw my hands up and just continue on?  Would that not hold more responsibility for my future negative actions?

Over looked, over shadowed, over heard, “who is he?” is what they will ask

but before I go, I will make SHE be KNOWN.

R.I.P Edward for SHE has sold your soul for her desire to win has over shadowed you


Lupita Nyong’o on her perparation for the whipping scene for 12 Years a Slave.

Oh my lord why isn’t she talked about more. I love her. Tired of hearing about these wack ass actresses as opposed to this gem. This is so powerful. And the fact she felt so empathetic and understand as a black woman how bad it was. Ugh.

all I&#8217;m asking for

all I’m asking for

Who is SHE?

Who am I?

She is her

She is me

I am Her

She Is Malice Hyde

I am Malice Hyde

I am She.